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Identity Fraud Statement

Any information you provide is protected by privacy laws, regulations and policies under which we are governed.

Except for the programs and purpose specified bellow, personal information such as your date of birth, will only be used as needed now and in the future to produce, your course completion certificates, the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) or maritime radio Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime).

CPS does not store or retain any credit card information collected securely during any online e-commerce activities.

View our Confidentiality Policy and Privacy Policy.

PCOC program: As required by Transport Canada and Canadian regulations, upon successful completion of the PCOC exam, your card holder personal information will be provided securely to the Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Competency Database System.

ROC(M) program: CPS manages the ROC(M) program on behalf of Industry Canada under ministerial letter. At any time during and upon termination of the ROC(M) management agreement, CPS may have to submit securely the ROC(M) database containing your personal information to the Government of Canada.