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Replacement Cards

Replacement Cards
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Single Card

Regular Service
Normal delivery may take 4-6 weeks
$25.00 Non-Member Price
$10.00 Member Discount for CPS-ECP PCOC only
Multiple Cards
The following shows the price per card (PCOC only with regular service)
Member Price
Non-Member Price
To locate your file we will need your:
  • Name and date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Card or certificate number, if you know it
  • Membership number, if you are a member of CPS-ECP
Order online
Save $5.00 admin fee by ordering online.
CPS-ECP PCOC Regular Replacement (4-6 weeks)
CPS-ECP PCOC Rush Replacement (3-5 business days)
Pre-1999 PCOC Regular Replacement (4-6 weeks)
Pre-1999 PCOC Rush Replacement (3-5 business days)
Red Cross PCOC Regular Replacement (4-6 weeks)
Red Cross PCOC Rush Replacement (3-5 business days)


ROC(M) Regular Replacement (4-6 weeks)
ROC(M) non-DSC Regular Replacement (4-6 weeks)
ROC(M) Rush Replacement (3-5 business days)
ROC(M) non-DSC Rush Replacement (3-5 business days)
Order by Phone or Mail
Note 1: A surcharge of $5.00 applies on all PCOC and ROC(M) orders by phone or mail. Please order online.

By phone, call the office at 1-888-CPS-BOAT. Have a Visa or Master Card ready to provide to the agent.

By mail, please include a cheque issued to the order of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons.

Note 2: If we cannot find your PCOC record, your online order will be refunded less $5.00 for a record search fee.
If we cannot find your ROC(M) it is because for some reason you are not in the national data base. If you have an ROC(MC), Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime Commercial), or GOC, General Operator Certificate, the data base is still managed by Industry Canada, please contact them directly. When doing so, tell them that you have a ROC(MC) or GOC or they will send you back to us.

Other provider issued PCOC
CPS-ECP will issue a replacement PCOC on behalf of another provider. However, personal identification and verification of successfully completing a PCOC course and exam is required.
If you did not obtain your card from CPS-ECP or Red Cross, you may need to contact your provider. If you do not know your provider, please contact Transport Canada - Office of Boating Safety at

If your card was issued by a provider that no longer exists Transport Canada will provide you a proof of completion.


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